Monday, November 01, 2010

John Lees - A Major Fancy

©1972 - LP released Harvest SHSM 2018, July 1977
CD: 3 bonus tracks*, Eagle EAGCD 107, 18th October, 1999

John Lees is best known as guitarist and vocalist with Barclay James Harvest. To date, Lees has only released one solo album, "A major fancy". This was recorded in 1972 when the band was changing labels from Harvest records to Polydor, and was therefore shelved without being released. It eventually gained a commercial release in 1977 on the Harvest Heritage label. A single was recorded in 1974 containing cover versions of The Eagles "Best of my love" and Eric Clapton's "You can't get it". The single is now very collectible, but the songs can be heard on the CD release of the album.

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Track Listing: 1.Untitled Number 1-Heritage / 2.Child Of The Universe / 3.Kes (A Major Fancy) / 4.Untitled Number 2 / 5.Sweet Faced Jane / 6.Witburg Night / 7.Long Ships / 8.Untitled Number 3 / 9.Please Be With Me* / 10.Best Of My Love* / 11.You Can't Get It*

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