Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jay-Jays - Bald Headed Woman

©1995 Phonogram/Mercury
Recorded 1966/1967

After dramatic developments in december 1965, when Holland’s most popular instrumental band The Jumping Jewels lost their name in a court case against their old manager Herman Batelaan, bandmembers decided to start with a new name in which the two “J” ‘s had to return. Instantly a new single was released, two covers from the first LP of The Kinks: Baldheaded woman coupled to Mystifying. As leadguitarist Hans van Eijck didn’t like beatmusic – he’d rather stick to the old instrumentals – he left The Jay-Jays two months later after the band did a very important TV-show promoting their first single. He was replaced by Leo Bennink, who used to play with The Black Albinos and Rene & his Alligators. The record was an instant success though, spurting into the Top Ten and getting the band a lot of work. 
 1 Bald Headed Woman /  2 So Mystifying / 3 I Got Love If You Want It / 4 I Keep Tryin' / 5 Come Back If You Dare / 6 Don't Sell The Sun / 7 Waauw! / 8 A Distant Place / 9 Are You A Woman / 10 'Cause You're Mine, Babe / 11 Cruncher / 12 To-Day I'm Gay / 13 All Around The World / 14 Shake It Some More / 15 The Name Of You / 16 Respect / 17 Cool Jerk / 18 Baby You Know You Ain't Right / 19 (I Know) In My Mind / 20 Respect (Backing Tape) / 21 'Cause You're Mine, Babe (Backing Tape) / 22 Are You A Woman (Backing Tape)

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