Monday, April 11, 2011

Roger Waters - The Wall Live At Gelredome Arnhem, Holland

320 kbps Audience recording (bootleg)

First Set: Spartacus / In the Flesh / The Thin Ice / Another Brick in the Wall Part 1 / The Happiest Days of Our Lives / Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 / Mother / Goodbye Blue Sky / Empty Spaces / What Shall We Do Now? / Young Lust / One of My Turns / Don't Leave Me Now / Another Brick in the Wall Part 3 / The Last Few Bricks / Goodbye Cruel World

Second Set: Hey You / Is There Anybody Out There? / Nobody Home / Vera / Bring the Boys Back Home / Comfortably Numb / The Show Must Go On / In the Flesh / Run Like Hell / Waiting for the Worms / Stop / The Trial / Outside the Wall / Encore: Outside the Wall (Instrumental reprise)

Rapid and Mega links. No need for more info.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading this show from Arnhem.

My mate from work went to this show and was looking for a live recording of it so THANK YOU!!!!!

Roger said...

How did you record this? I believe this is recording 3 which has emerged. Thanks for sharing. Is there any posibility to upload the show lossless?

n8w8 (nightwatch) said...

That would only make the file bigger but not the sound better. The sound is recorded in mp3 quality with a handcam.