Sunday, May 01, 2011

Firefall - Break Of Dawn

©1982 LP Atlantic Records 80017
320 kbps Vinyl rip.

In 1982 I heard the song 'Always' on the radio (it was played two times...) and I liked it. I wanted to buy the record but couldn't find one recordstore who sold the album. I had to make a special order to get it. I have never regret buying it and is one of my favourite albums from the 80's.

Later I found out that the album had been a commercial flop mostly because it didn't sound like earlier work from Firefall. Well, I didn't know the earlier stuff so that's the way to listen to the album; forget that Firefall was a countryrock band once. This album is much more AOR.

Tracklist: Break of Dawn / Body and Soul / Falling in Love / Always / In the Dead of Night / It's Not Too Late / Take Me Back / Fall for You / Suddenly / Don't Tell Me Why

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