Saturday, May 14, 2011

Johnny Warman - From the Jungle to the New Horizons

©1982 Rocket Record Company 6302 214
Vinyl edition 320 kbps

After the huge succes of  Walking Into Mirrors Johnny was asked by the Rocket Record Company to do another record. Warman started recording with Andy Clark, Jerry Marrota and Tony Levin. The album would be a more musically complicated production than the previous Walking Into Mirrors album but extending the drumheavy sound. A single 'Dream, dream, dream' was released to promote the project. 

The songs they recorded were quite good and Norman Greenbaum's 'Spirit in the Sky' hasn't been done better, ever. Dispite that, neither the single nor the album managed to make any impact in the charts.

Tracklist: From the Jungles to the New Horizons 7.49 / Spirit in the Sky 3.36 / Looking Back (to See If Someone's Looking Back at Me) 3.58 / China's Moving (West) 6.04 / I Love My Planet 4.30 / (United) The State of America 5.22 / Flying out of Windows 4.17 / Dream, Dream, Dream 3.53 / Y.C. 1.21
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