Monday, September 03, 2007

Time Is

Raw Material was a progressive rock band whose both original albums (released in 1970 & 1971) are now very rare and sought-after. Even the re-releases on CD from 2001 are no longer available.

The second album of Raw Material was originally released by RCA/Neon in 1971. Good progressive pieces based on heavy guitars, sax riffs & keyboards with acoustic & melodic moments reminiscent of early Pink Floyd and The Van der Graaf Generator.

The LP was released on Neon Records in 1971. The CD was released by Repertoire Records in the UK in 2001.

1. Ice Queen / 2. Empty Houses / 3. Insolent Lady: Bye the Way/Small Thief/Insolent Lady / 4. Miracle Worker / 5. Religion / 6. Sun God (Awakening/Realization/Worship)"

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