Sunday, October 21, 2007

The best of The Merry Go Round featuring Emitt Rhodes

The Merry Go Round are one of all-time best kept secrets. Revered by a loyal group of fans, the splendor of the group's music never reached the mass audience it deserved.

The band:
Emmit Rhodes (Lead Vocals)
Gary Kato (Guitar)
Bill Rinehart (Bass)
Joel Larson (Drums)

The foursome released several singles including "Live" and "She's A Very Lovely Woman" before releasing their only album in 1969. There were obvious similarities to the Beatles but the band was distinctly American.
The LP was released on Dunhill Records in 1969 and long out of print.

1.Live / 2.Time Will Show the Wiser / 3.On Your Way Out / 4.Gonna Fight the War / 5.Had to Run Around / 6.We're in Love / 7.You're a Very Lovely Woman / 8.Where Have You Been All My Life / 9.Early in the Morning / 10 Low Down / 11 Clown's No Good "

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