Monday, October 22, 2007

Emitt Rhodes
Farewell To Paradise

This is Emitt's fourth and final album. It is once again a one-man-band affair. However, it does differ from his earlier efforts. Emitt dropped the Paul McCartney and Harry Nilsson sounds and finds a style of is own. This album also finds Rhodes experimenting with other instruments. Although not as buoyant as his earlier efforts, Farewell to Paradise is still a very strong album from one of the forgotten great artists of the 70's.

1 Warm Self Sacrifice / 2 See No Evil / 3 Drawn to You / 4 Blue Horizon / 5 Shoot the Moon / 6 Only Lovers Decide / 7 Trust One More / 8 Nights Are Lonely / 9 Bad Man
10 In Desperate Need / 11 Those That Die / 12 Farewell to Paradise

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