Monday, October 22, 2007

The Merry Go Round
(feat. Emitt Rhodes)
You're a Very Lovely Woman/Live!

The debut of Emitt Rhodes as a force to reckon with, "You're a Very Lovely Woman/Live!" is, according to some sources, rather a thrown-together collection of singles and demoes than a real album. Well, it's nice either way. The Merry-Go-Round itself didn't last very long, giving way to Rhodes's much-celebrated solo career after a mere one album and a few singles.

"You're a Very Lovely Woman/Live!" only recently came back into print on CD via Rev-Ola's wonderful "Listen Listen: The Definitive Collection;" before that, it was only available on a very-hard-to-find Japanese A&M CD.

The jewels of this collection are "You're a Very Lovely Woman" and "Time Will Show the Wiser" which both differs markedly in its mono single mix.

1.Live / 2.Time Will Show the Wiser / 3.On Your Way Out / 4.Gonna Fight the War / 5.Had to Run Around / 6.We're in Love / 7.You're a Very Lovely Woman / 8.Where Have You Been All My Life / 9.Early in the Morning / 10 Low Down / 11 Clown's No Good / 12. Gonna Leave You Alone"


choirboy said...

I've tried to download this, but the link doesn't work. It downloads, but the file is empty. I really want this album badly. Could you possibly re-upload? Thank you. Dennis

n8w8 (nachtwacht/nightwatch) said...

It's been downloaded many times with no comment so I downloaded it myself to check this out. The file is okay.

I think you try to un-pack it with an old version 7-zip/win-rar. Both can't handle new ace files correctly.

You could download unzip-them-all wich is great for zip, ace and rar files.

But I've made a mirror with a zip for your convienence;