Thursday, May 29, 2008

Emitt Rhodes
Daisy-Fresh from Hawthorne, California
(The Best of the Dunhill Years)
BRCD 001
Dunhill Records/Edsel Records UK 1998

This 23-track CD covers the three records he made for Dunhill in the early 1970s, including all of his self-titled debut solo release. Emitt Rhodes sounds eerily reminiscent of Paul McCartney, but his strong songwriting and the deeply emotional qualities he brings to his songs make him far more than a McCartney clone.

Most people are discovering Emitt just now, long after he faded into a footnote. Emitt should have been as big as any pop star on this planet, but it was not to be.

1. With My Face On The Floor 2. Somebody Made For me 3. She's Such A Beauty 4. Long Time No See 5. Lullaby 6. Fresh As A Daisy 7. Live Till You Die 8. Promises I've Made 9. You Take The Dark Out Of the Night 10. You Should Be Ashamed 11. Ever Find Yourself Running 12. Your Must have 13. Bithday Lady 14. Better Side Of Life 15. Mirror 16. Really Wanted You 17. Love Will Stone You 18. Golden Child Of God 19. Warm Self Sacrifice 20. Blue Horizon 21. Shoot The Moon 22. Only Lovers Decide 23. Tame The Lion


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Thank You For Your Work.
Our Life IS Very Short.

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n8w8 (nightwatch) said...

@Anonymous 2
No, it's not. All tracks are in the ace file. Your download must be corrupt. Be sure to use the right unace tool. Some tools (like WinRar) will mess it up.
The file should be 91203KB.