Friday, May 02, 2008

The Four Seasons
The Genuine Imitation Life Gazette
Philips PHS 600-290
released 1969.
And what does it mean to be the most bizarre album in the Four Seasons' catalog? Psychedelic, ambitious and conceptual, The Genuine Imitation Life Gazette took the Four Seasons in an entirely unexpected direction at the time, as the group became influenced by other socially-conscious bands and inspired by the new sounds being created by groups like The Beatles and The Beach Boys. But the problem was the fact that no one expected anything but a top 40 record from the Four Seasons, so the album was poorly received (according to Valli one review said that "had that album been done by anyone but us it would have been a smash album"). Despite the lack of commercial success however, the record has become a bit of a cult classic, with reviews praising it as a "stunning example of the artistry of the Four Seasons at their most ambitious." Reportedly, even John Lennon considered it to be one of his favorites
Original album tracks:
'American Crucifixion Resurrection' / 'Mrs. Stately's Garden' / 'Look Up Look Over' / 'Something's On Her Mind' / 'Saturday's Father' / 'Wall Street Village Day' / 'Genuine Imitation Life' / 'Idaho' / 'Wonder What You'll Be' / 'Soul Of A Woman'
Bonus tracks:
'Watch The Flowers Grow' / 'Raven' / 'Will You Love Me Tomorrow' / 'Electric Stories'

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