Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jack Lancaster
Skinningrove Bay
BRCD 001
Bold Reprive Records 1987
Session musician Jack Lancaster released his first solo album in 1981, the very beautiful Skinningrove Bay. The album has been reissued in several shapes (Some of them called by mistake "Wild Connections" but "Wild Connections" was in fact another album from Lancaster collaborating with Rick v.d. Linden) and this is the 1987 version as the first of a serie of reissues on Bold Reprive Records. I think they printed not many copies because you can't find anything on the web concerning this release on BRR (exept for the secret vault that is).
The list of musicians appearing is:
Jack Lancaster (sax, lyricon, flute, keyboards, vocals), Phil Collins (vocals), Bernie Frost (vocals), Gary Moore (guitar), Hughie Burns (guitar), Mick Rogers (guitar), John G. Perry (bass, vocals), Robin Lumley (keyboards), Rick Van Der Linden (keyboards), Rod Argent (keyboards), Clive Bunker (drums).
Skinningrove Bay is a fascinating, highly unique and beautiful suite of progressive Rock music with Celtic, Nordic, Jazz, Church and Pop influences. It deserves a place on the shelf of any discerning collector of Classic Rock Music.

1. Save a Place for Me2. Deep Green3. Carlin How4. Old Man of the Ocean5. Skinningrove Bay6. North Country Girl7. Kilten Castle8. The Abbess St. Hilda

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Anonymous said...

Here we are getting so close to a couple of albums I've been looking for for many years: the debut album Aviator featuring Mick Rogers Lancaster Clive Bunker and John G. Perry and the follow up "Turbulence". I'm a big Mick Rogers fan - anyone have links to these two albums? Thanks a lot. (Also, thanks for the fantastic stuff in this vault.)

n8w8 (nachtwacht/nightwatch) said...

Sorry to dissapoint you but I don't have any work of Aviator.

n8w8 (nightwatch) said...