Monday, December 08, 2008

Johan Timman
Trip Into The Body
©1981 Fleet/Ariola 203911
256 Kbps

Johan Timman released this album of electronic music in 1981. Nobody had heard from him before (he had played in the Dutch progressive rockgroup Think Tank) and nobody has heard from him again (although he played on Bolland & Bolland's "In The Army Now")
"Trip Into The Body" is a conceptalbum about... A trip into the body (you would never have guessed). He wrote, recorded, produced and played all the instruments (Moogs, vocoders) himself. The music has aged very well and sounds quite fresh. A comparison to Kraftwerk, Kitaro, Jean-Michel Jarre and Yello Magic Orchestra comes to mind but the concept and the music is more original. Well, it was in 1981.
Warning: Don't let young children listen to "The Brain", they could easely be scared by the BRAAAAIIIIINNNN.
-Tracks: Trip into the body [6:30] / The Brain [5:52] / The Heart [4:03] / The Blood (The march of the white and the red corpuscles) [6:22] / The Blood cells and the Antibodies (Look out for the killer) [5:45] / The Windpipe [0:43] / The Lungs [5:12] / The Hemoglobin [0:42] / Inside the Tympanic Cavity [1:21] / Hearing (Ocean of sound) [6:57]

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