Sunday, December 28, 2008

John Lennon
The Lost Sleepy Blind Lemon Lennon Album
©1990 ( Library Product 2341 )

1. Serve Yourself (Lennon) 08:28 Piano 1980 Phallic version2. You Saved My Soul (With Your True Love) (Lennon) 01:32 Take 2 19803. The Worst Is Over (Lennon) 02:19 Acoustic Demo (date unknown)4. When A Boy Meets A Girl (Lennon/McCartney) 02:10 Take 1 Acoustic 19705. Shes A Friend Of Dorothy (Lennon) 04:12 Take 7 Piano 19806. One Of The Boys (Lennon) 03:07 Acoustic Demo (date unknown)7. He Got The Blues (Lennon) 02:39 Acoustic Demo (date unknown)8. (Medley) (Traditional) 05:31 (unidentified) (date unknown) John Henry (The Steel Driving Man) (Traditional) Concert (date unknown) I Aint Got Time (Eddins) Concert (date unknown)
9. Cookin (In The Kitchen Of Love) (Lennon) 02:43 Take 1 Piano (date unknown)10. Free As A Bird (Lennon) 03:27 Take 1 1977
11. People (Lennon) 01:56 Acoustic Demo (date unknown)12. Caribbean (Torok) 03:05 Outtake Some Time New York City (date unknown)
13. Well (Baby Please Dont Go) (Ward) 05:53 Outtake Imagine Jun 197114. (Medley) (Lerner/Lane) 03:01 (unidentified) (date unknown) Only The Lonely (Know The Way I Feel) (Orbison/Melson) Outtake Double Fantasy 1980 (Just Like) Starting Over (Lennon) Instrumental Double Fantasy 1980 Gone From This Place (Lennon) Instrumental Double Fantasy 198015. Gone From This Place (Lennon) 03:22 Acoustic Demo 198016. Memories (Howling At The Moon) (Lennon) 02:02 Electric (date unknown)17. Memories (Howling At The Moon) (Lennon) 02:36 Take 2 Piano (date unknown)
18. Mucho Mongo (Lennon) 02:58 Take 2 Acoustic 1974
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