Sunday, February 21, 2010

David bedford - The Odyssey

©1976 Virgin CDOVD 444
320 Kbps CD-rip
Bedford began recording solo work in the early 70's at the same time working with the likes of Kevin Ayers, Robert Wyatt,John Lord, Mike Oldfield and Roy Harper. His composing skills came to the fore after Tubular Bells was released and he was the key motivator behind The Orchestral Tubular Bells played by The London Philharmonic Orchestra. David Bedford also recorded with Mike Oldfield on the, highly underrated, Collaboration project.
Bedford continued recording well into the 90's although saw a huge drop off in popularity after the Odyssey project in 1976. Odyssey from 1976 marks David Bedford providing one of his strongest album releases.
David gets some help on this album from his friends Mike Oldfield (guitar 4,6) and Andy Summers (guitar 9). The Queen's College Choir provided the angellike vocals on 'the Sirens'.
Penelope's Shroud I 01:37 / King Aeolus 04:44 / Penelope's Shroud II 01:20 / The Phaeacian Games 03:59 / Penelope's Shroud III 01:03 / The Sirens 10:17 / Scylla And Charybdis 07:59 / Penelope's Shroud IV 00:48 / Circe's Island 07:44 / Penelope's Shroud Completed 00:31 / The Battle In The Hall 07:55 


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