Sunday, February 07, 2010

Dee Long and the Short Notice
Long Live And Prosper
©2005 Bullseye BLR-CD-4106
320 Kbps CD-rip
Recorded live in March 2005 with the Short Notice Band. Includes material from his solo releases, three Klaatu songs and a Beatles cover tune.
Dee Long (vocals, guitar); Ken Wannamaker (keyboards, backing vocals); Frank Watt (drums); Maureen Leeson (percussion, backing vocals) Jaimie Vernon (guitar, backing vocals), Jim Hoeck (Bass).

Tracklist: 1. Meaning Of Life / 2. Mad Magazine / 3. Outside / 4. You Are / 5. Chromosome Syndrome / 6. Collecting Icons / 7. Older / 8. Everybody Took A Holiday / 9. Blue Jay Way / 10. Good To Be Back / 11. Little Neutrino / 12. Good To Be Back (Videoclip) / 13. Chromosome Syndrome (Videoclip)


wkc said...

I am having problems extracting the files. anyone else? If not any help is appreciated. Thank you

n8w8 said...

Tried the file, it's okay.
Why you're having troubles?

The file is over 200 Mb. When you are a free user you may have troubles downloading it. The corruption of the file is caused by the limitations for free users.
Solution: Become a premium user or download the file without the movieclips

You may get problems extracting it if you're using WinRar.
Solution: Download WinAce. It's on the right side of my blog. Read WinAce License.txt to find out how to register it for free.

Hope that helps

wkc said...

Have a premium account but was using WinRar and it would stick on extracting track 12. Tried WinAce and it worked fine. Thank you.