Sunday, February 07, 2010

Jack Lancaster
Wild Connections
©1979 Acrobat 660.038
320Kbps Vinyl rip
Session musician Jack Lancaster released Wild Connections in  1979. He collaborated with Rick van der Linden, a dutch keyboardplayer who had worldwide succes with his band Ekseption. The album wich has been reissued several times as "Wild Connections" since 1987 was in fact another album from Lancaster originally called "Skinningrove Bay". Jack Lancaster was a member of Aviator.
With the exception of drums and choir, this album is completely synthesised on Lyricon and Yamaha GX1. The lyricon is an electronic wind instrument capable of the fullest range of expression. The sounds available on the Lyricon are practically infinite. GX1 is a tri-manual synthesiser with bass pedals; "Yamaha's Monster!" Stevie Wonder called it "The Dream Machine".

A1 Early Morning Jones / A2 Your Home / A3 African Violet / A4 Fortuna / B1 Wild Connections / B2 Claudia / B3 Aural Exciter / B4 Nyala

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jimbob said...

Thankyou for the download! I have this album on vinyl but have no way of playing it! Love it,especially with pastorious on it!