Sunday, February 12, 2006

Harry Nilsson
Flash Harry

When Knnillssonn(1977) was finished, Harry breaks the contract with RCA and he signs one at Mercury. He made this album. The people at mercury are very disapointed about it and are convinced that this album won't sell anywhere. Mercury UK and Mercury Holland are the only 2 who pressed and released it officially. The album is a gigantic flop. Although the album didn't sell it contains a couple of gems. In fact, the first track by Eric Idle is the only misser.
The lp hasn't been available for years and only a bootleg cd-release exists.

Tracks: "Harry" / "Cheek to Cheek" / "Best Move" / "Old Dirt Road" / "I Don't Need You" / "Rain" / "I've Got It" / "It's So Easy" / "How Long Can Disco On" / "Bright Side of Life"


Madame Candyman said...

Thanks for the everloving Nilsson. Excellent posts!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this post.

I downloaded it and got a file with the suffix ".ace" (also got it on another post, American Dream). And, I can't open it. And chance of reposting in a .rar file? Or can you help with opening this?


n8w8 said...

If you use "UnzipThemAll" (Link in the sidebar!) you won't have any problems decompressing it. ACE files can also be opened with WinACE, WinRAR and Stuffit.
You can't use WinZip or the build-in Windows compressor (7-zip).

Enjoy the album!

Landrew120880 said...

This is quite an enjoyable Harry album. Thanx so much!