Sunday, February 05, 2006

Rick Parfitt (Status Quo) - Recorded Delivery

April 1985: Rick Parfitt is in the studio to record his first solo album with Pip Williams as producer and Bob Young helping with the song-writing. The session musicians are John "Rhino" Edwards and Jeff Rich. The album was enttitled "Recorded delivery", but the album was never released.

Although the album wasn't released officially it ain't bad. In comparison with the latest Quo-album "Riffs" it sounds like a masterpiece but, maybe, that tells us more about Riffs.
4 of the 10 songs were later chosen to be B-Sides of Status Quo singles: Helloween (Who gets the love). Don't give it up (Red Sky). Long legged girls (Dreamin') Late last night (bonus with "In the army" maxi-single.).

Tracks: Helloween / 999 (One good reason) / Lonely nights / Only love can break your heart /Don't give it up / Long legged girls / Show me the way / Late last night / (I miss) My baby / Richard's song (Living my life without you)

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