Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mike McGear

Mike McGear's 2nd solo album. Mike McGear has been successful in beginning 60's with John Gorman and Roger McGough as Grimms still before everybody knew that his real name was Mike McCartney, brother of Paul.

At the end of the 1960s he had some hits with the Scaffold (f.i. Lily the pink and Thank you Very Much).

This album is produced by Paul McCartney and all members of Wings can be heard on every track. In fact you could consider this as a Wings album.

Release : 27 September 1974
deleted in 1977

Sea Breezes / What Do We Really Know ? / Norton / Leave It / Have You Got Problems ? / The Casket / Rainbow Lady / Simply Love You / Givin' Grease A Ride / The Man Who Found God On The Moon

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