Saturday, February 04, 2006

Klaatu Tribute CD
various artists

Long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...three musicians banded together and created some of the most amazing tunes ever to grace the celestial heavens. Their identities kept secret for a while, they were simply known at the time as "Klaatu." The band's first album 3:47 EST reverberated across the universe and caused a crack in the cosmic egg as their music sounded undeniably "Beatleseque." Beatle fans began their own magical mystery tour of sorts looking for clues in Klaatu's music and album covers if only to prove that both Klaatu and Beatles were the same musicians. But alas, over time it was eventually revealed to them that the "Beatleseque" group consisted of three very talented Canadian musicians by the names of John Woloschuk, Terry Draper and Dee Long.

This is a tribute album by various little known artists

We're Off You Know - Gavin & Dean / So Said The Lighthouse Keeper - Gavin & Dean / Doctor Marvello - The Nowadays (featuring Mark Hershberger) / Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III - Jef Leeson (Jaimie Vernon's brother in law) / Everybody Took A Holiday - Dmitri Alano / A Routine Day - Mike Vancha / Older - Just Say Yes (featuring Steve Smith) / Dear Christine - Keld Telen / Cherie - Michael Grin /Mister Manson - Sulpher / Hot Box City - Alex Johnson /Knee Deep In Love - Reptile / I Can't Help It - Dave Bradley / Blue Smoke - Frank Marzano / I Don't Wanna Go Home - Dmitri Alano / Calling Occupants - Dave Bradley & Nataraj Sundaram / Doctor Marvello (Espanol) - Los Khaoticos (the original "first" mix) / Little Neutrino - The Nowadays (featuring Mark Hershberger) / Sub-Rosa Subway - The Beachles (featuring Jaimie Vernon) (the original "first" mix) / Grey Afternoon - Glen Banks (inspired by Klaatu)

Or download all in once:

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im interested to hear how others do the songs;-)