Monday, January 21, 2008

released 2006.

The general opinion on the Beatles recent LOVE album is that it's a pretty nifty piece of work. Very much a labour of love for producer George Martin and his technoboffin son Giles. A patchwork of outtakes and edits, it recasts the Beatles legacy as one of sonic adventurers in the 21st Century. In other words, it sounds fantastic.

And then this album came. Sir George Master Five and Pete Best Zarustica spent 7 entire days planning this record. The Beatles HATE album is the dark side of the LOVE album, taking samples from bootlegs and welding them to a much darker worldview. It lacks the gloss of the Martins' effort but makes up for it in many other ways.

The tracks names on The Beatles' HATE were changed and adapted to match the belical concept of the record.

01 - Intro / Revolution 23 (This track is built on samples of various Beatles tracks, like Julia, Baby It's You/ The opening chord from I Feel Fine /  Rooster from Good Morning /  Lyrics from Julia /  Lyrics from Revolution Number 9 /  Lyrics from Baby It's You / Lennon's ending from Helter Skelter / 'Everybody is Happy' and the ooooohs choir from Sun King / The backwards crescendo chord from 'What's the New Mary Jane' / The bass line from Lady Madonna , re-arranged. (see how they run....) / Drums and Harmonica from The Clash, The Guns Of Brixton) * 02 - Drive My War (Drive My Car remixed). * 03 - Tomorrow Never Blows (Tomorrow Never Blows remixed). * 04 - Day Reaper (Day Tripper remixed). * 05 - From Me To Whom? (From me to you remixed. Contains a Gary Glitter drum sample). * 06 - Bomb Together (Come together remixed. Contains samples of Primal Scream's Come Together). * 07 - What's The New Sarah Jane (Another track with loads of samples, especially from BBC series Doctor Who. You can hear the sound of the TARDIS and a sample from the episode The Empty Child - "I'm scared, please let me in mommy I'm scared of the bombs... mommy, are you my mommmy". Sarah Jane Smith is also a reference, as she was the companion of The Doctor, seasons 11 to 14). * 08 - I'm Nuking Through You (I'm Looking Through You mashed-up with Renegade Soundwave's track Holgertron). * 09 - Lovely Retard (Lovely Rita mashed-up with Renegade Soundwave's track Traitor. * 10 - You've Got To Hide Your Hate Away (You've Got To Hide Your Love Away remixed). * 11 - Horny Pie (Honey Pie pitched down and filled with effects). * 12 - Why? (A trip hop remix of Because). * 13 - Buddy Girl (Girl remixed).  14 - Sadness Is A War Gun (Happiness is a Warm Gun remixed).  15 - War Fields Forever (Strawberry Fields Forever remixed).


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