Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pandemonium Shadow Show
{Monophonic LP}

LPM-3874 1967 Monophonic version.

Originally released in 1967, including inspired coverversions of 'You Can't Do That' and 'River Deep, Mountain High' but also some great Nilsson originals like the autobiographical "1941" and his version of the 10 commandments "Ten Little Indians".

The album is widely available in the stereo version but the monomixes are rare.

1 "Ten Little Indians"/2 "1941"/3 "Cuddly Toy"/4 "She Sang Hymns Out of Tune"/5 "You Can't Do That"/6 "Sleep Late My Lady Friend"/7 "She's Leaving Home"/8 "There Will Never Be"/9 "Without Her"/10 "Freckles"/11 "It's Been So Long"/12 "River Deep-Mountain High"

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