Thursday, January 24, 2008

Aerial Ballet
{Monophonic LP}
RCA 1968 LPM-3956
Monophonic release of Harry Nilsson's second album for RCA.

This is the first release of Aerial Ballet. This version includes "Daddy's Song". RCA quickly deleted this first release and issued a second pressing without "Daddy's Song". RCA feared that Harry's version would compete with The Monkees's cover of the song.

Aerial Ballet is named for a vaudeville act performed by Nilsson's grandparents. The album's name was the inspriation for the name of the rock group Aerosmith.

The album is widely available in the stereo version but the monomixes are rare.

1 "Daddy's Song / 2 "Good Old Desk / 3 "Don't Leave Me / 4 "Mr. Richland's Favorite Song / 5 "Little Cowboy / 6 "Together / 7 "Everybody's Talkin' / 8 "I Said Goodbye To Me / 9 "Little Cowboy / 10 "Mr. Tinker / 11 "One / 12 "The Wailing Of The Willow / 13 "Bath"


Anonymous said...

very useful, thanx az lot for this blog -- This was what I was looking for.

mr_mjb1960 said...

This finally was issued as both Stereo and Mono versions on CD as "The RCA Albums" from RCA/Legacy.